notes & observations


Studio Notebook  (..Exodus...) His Write Hand Glass Spiral Hand to Foot #1 Experimental Catalogue Page A Notebook Leaf Block & Bowl Bird Shadows Bird Shadow #2 Bird Notes Bird Dance Obelisk Reticulated Copper Reticulated Bronze Leg Steel Texture Copper on Steel Small Volute Fish Tail The First Spiral( curling...) Skylight Birds View of Skylight Bird through wrought copper staircase Studio Experiments # XXVii Reticulation (-a landscape,made for walking through on rainy days...) Suirrel Door Pull (to be cast in bronze) Scan-4 the english studio wall 1978 postage stamp Reticulated Copper Texture for a door panel Hammered Copper corner Acid-etched copper Kitchen Hood detail A shelf of textures landscape sketch (-or is it a seascape...) BirdTree insect pipebird pipebird#2 ..through the lockset... c'est une pipe Swift Flight (oil on board) 2012 Study for a Northern Sky Enamelled Steel Fire Heart ..water wall visitor... visitor... Hammered Steel Heart Copper Tree Bark water ring Fire & Water Ring Tree Bark Etchings Tree Bark Match