The Coast Is Clear

"The Coast Is Clear” 

is a non linear open ended novel that has been under construction since 1999.

The narrative is in the form of observations,dialogue & illustrations on separate scraps of paper.

These are then inserted randomly into the pages of the book.

The only set page is a square of reticulated copper,sometimes a square from a chessboard & sometimes a fragment of  a shoreline.


The Coast Is Clear.The Novel The Mannekin The Gardenworld The Place A Visitor Hidden Square Storage Envelope ..when I was small... The  Message Title Page ..between ideas... in the cold light of day #1 Coventry The Coloured Version crossing the field The Message Opener The Gardener Trees 2 - 4 Trees 5 - 7 Trees 8 - 10 Trees 11 & 12 100_9655 Deception Confession The Undergrowth Repairing Itself The Darkness The Bird..a line of solid rocks... Geometry of Place ..inside the box... The First Improbable Tree ..inside the canyon...The Playing Field mate to mate ..a hole to the sky...inside-the-boxThe Book