A copper & bronze box sits at eye level on its pedestal in the hallway outside the Gallery.

The front of the box is a wall of  copper blocks & it is through a gap in these blocks that the film “between the cracks…” is viewed..

This copper wall mimics the facade of ‘The Poet’s Dilemma’, a copper & bronze tree which can be seen through the open doorway.

The narrative of the twelve works which make up “..going from nowhere to nowhere…”  is a dialogue for two characters

first encountered in “..An Hour Beyond Midnight…” (1992)  –The Bird & The Chessplayer (Knight).

Partly in the past, (inside  the Improbable Tree guarding the entrance to the Gardenworld)

& partly in the present,amongst the works assembled inside the Gallery,

snatches of this convergence are caught inside the pages of

the catalogue.